Products Overview

Our co-founder and chief astrologer, Kahkasha Saxena has developed sprays which are energized through spiritual mantras. They remove all kinds of negative energies around those who use them regularly. These sprays are made out of abstract of aroma oils, crystals and charged with reiki healings.
We provide 5 types of sprays which will help you in unblocking the struggles and problems in your life. Each spray serves its own purpose in different areas like business, money, career, relationship, finding a partner, concentration in studies or health. It will help calm your mind from stress and with regular use, bring abundance to you and your home.
Laxmi Amrit
The Laxmi Amrit spray enhances and gives tremendous results in gaining money and wealth. To attain its benefits, one needs to use the spray on an idol of Goddess Laxmi once every day.
Krishna Amrit
The Krishna Amrit spray is for relationship issues, delay in marriage, struggles in career and job growth. All you need to do is spray it everyday on a Krishna idol and see the wonders.
Ganesh Amrit
The Ganesh Amrit spray is used for removing obstacles from your business and career. For effective use, it is required that you spray it everyday on a Ganesh Idol.
Saraswati Amrit
This spray is specifically made for students or anyone pursuing studies. It will help you in concentrating on your studies and for better results in examinations. For best results, you need to spray it on the idol or a picture of Goddess Saraswati everyday.
Divine Amrit
This spray is to protect one from negative energies and evil eye. It helps in cleansing the aura and also for quick recovery from various health issues.
Sun Sign Energised Sprays
These sprays are based on the 12 sun signs. You can choose the one which belongs to your sign and spray it on yourself everyday for self growth and happiness.

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